Ben and I  started our house hunt right around the end of February as we were signing another year lease at our current apartment.  The house hunt was going to be a weeding out process to find what we liked and what we didn’t.  Our first showing was a property in Phoenixville, just for fun.  Little did we know the search would become much more serious than we thought.  The second house we saw, which we commonly referred to as ‘Brooke,’ took us on an emotional roller coaster.  It was only the second house we saw, we just resigned our lease, and the reality of buying a house scared the crap out of me.  We continued our search, forgetting that this was supposed to be light hearted affair, with Brooke in the back of our minds.  We (mostly me)  sat on the deal and as spring came around so did the real estate market (well, a little).  A fire was lit under my ass when someone else decided they wanted Brooke as well and put in their offer.  After one long day, best and final offers, and pleading cover letters, we didn’t get the house.  I took a bereavement day from work that Monday.  We lost Brooke and our agent lost us.  Not because we didn’t get the house, but because she wasn’t working for us and we didn’t want to lose our property virginity to her.

From here on our search began, to find our Brooke.  We enlisted help from a real estate agent my mom and I came across at a open house.  From Downingtown, West Chester, Lower Pottsgrove, Phoenixville, Limerick, Royersford, Trooper, to West Norriton, and everything in between we came across many maybe’s, tried to meet the April 30th $8,000 tax credit deadline, and even lost two more to cash offers in the past five months.

Adding an engagement and wedding plans into the mix made my head spin and I was ready to wave the white flag on house hunting!  At the beginning of last week I was putting my foot down, we had three houses scheduled for Wednesday, after them, I was done!  Three more chances to find our home.  We only needed two.

My crabby mood walking into the first house may have been uncalled for, but month after month of our week nights ending in failure and not eating dinner until 10pm was the only thing on my mind.  Then we pulled up to her…

…and fell in love.

Thursday’s revelation was captured in g-chat.

Friday we wrote our offer.

Saturday they accepted our offer.

Today was house inspection.  It went well.

She and the debt is all ours September 17th.

Oh yea,  that wedding update…. postponed until further notice.