Thank God for Gmail Chat.

me:  hi
Michelle:  hello
me:  i need to call customers while i talk to you
Michelle:  ok
me:  think any more about house vs. foundry wedding?
Michelle:  house as in purchasing a house, or your parents backyard wedding?
me:  buying this house
Michelle:  i need to be comfortable with the proposed mortgage payment before i decided to buy a house
then maybe if we do get this house we should consider moving our wedding date to spring 2012?
just for sanity reasons
me:  i would not be against that
Michelle:  because i dont know if my body and mind candle much more of this
me:  are you comfortable with $xxxx?
Michelle:  can handle…
i would like to know what their utility bills are like and such.
no comcast cable for awhile
or eating out period
i dont want to go in at our best price at first because i worry that this is their first sale and they are going to turn around and instinctively counter offer
my instinct now is that we love this house
we have all our lives to get married, neither one of us are going anywhere and we’ve been searching forever
this one feels right
me:  listen to you lol
well said
Michelle:  i now, its instinct be lucky you got it before i convinced myself otherwise
me:  you know, you do write really well when your heart’s behind it
your catering emails for example
Michelle:  thats why you cant force me to write on the blog!
me:  haha
i want you to want to write on the blog!
Michelle:  i do want to write on the blog
but i want it to be worth it and everytime you tell me to do it i’m not in the mood
me:  ok ok
back to business
i agree with everything you said
Michelle:  so tonight the wedding is going on the back burner
me:  what are your feelings on 73 Egypt?
Michelle:  we can have a foundry wedding, just not fall 2011
me:  haha smooth
Michelle:  maybe not even spring 2012
we need to focus on one thing
and the house is appropriate right now
and we are sacrificing getting married sooner than later
i dont want to half ass anything
your mom said on the phone last night, you only get to do it once [getting married] there is no, “i’ll get the upgrades next time”
then once we have the house under our belts and in our names, we can focus on planning a wedding and enjoying it
i want to enjoy each process separately.
me:  i also really like your point of putting things on the registry
Michelle:  we only get one property virgin opportunity
me:  so we get a lawn mower instead of 3 crockpots
Michelle:  and one kick ass wedding opportunity
haha exactly!
can this be our blog post?
me:  speaking of crockpots the little guy is running now with the beef and carrots
Michelle:  ok we can talk about it tonight.
i am gonna head home to get changed before my hair appointment.
me:  k
check on the meat
Michelle:  ok. should i turn it off or anything?
me:  no
maybe stir
Michelle:  ok love you!
me:  love you bye!