On Tuesday Michelle departed for a short stay in the land of tax-free shopping and thus left me home to myself for the remainder of the week and weekend. I believe she is working on getting some pictures together and will tell us all about her trip later.

My newly found free time was primarily spent brainstorming ideas for the wedding, but with nothing coming to mind I ventured off to find inspiration.

Wednesday was occupied exploring outer space and studying inter-planetary diplomacy with Blizzard’s eagerly anticipated follow up, Starcraft 2. It will be important to make sure everyone at the wedding is of the human race otherwise disaster is sure to ensue.

Thursday followed my normal schedule and involved trying to make my cardiovascular system explode within the one-hour time limit of the Great Valley Training Race. I set a new personal best and survived for 29 of the 30 laps. Getting my heart rate in check now is going to pay dividends later when I see Michelle walking down the isle and I spike to 180bpm standing still.

I hadn’t planned much for Friday, but that worked out well since Jamie needed help getting the transmission bolted back in his wife’s GTI. Most Volkswagen transmissions are simple and easy to work on. The headache comes when you try to lift and reposition the 80lb clunk of junk back into the engine bay from underneath the car. It was a fun challenge though, and I hope to always keep Michelle’s gears spinning.

Un-intended acceleration?

Saturday I spent most of the morning working on the mountain bike. For some reason I got the idea that building a mountain bike would be a fun winter project. It’s now August, but it’s finally finished.

Saturday afternoon, Jamie and I rode motorcycles. Martin Motorsport was having a Triumph demo day, and I was able to test ride the new Bonneville. Saturday has nothing to do with the wedding really except that it needs to happen already so I can save up for another motorcycle.

Michelle came back early on Sunday so we could look at houses with our moms. I love getting the opinions of our moms and, lucky for us, they both love giving them. Anyone know about tank-less water heaters?