This weekend didn’t feel like the usual run around we usually experience. Starting Wednesday, we were entertained with some extra companionship from Sammie (Heather and Ryan’s boxer mix). I say that he is so spoiled by my sister and brother-in-law, but Ben and I didn’t fall short of spoiling him any less. He enjoyed sleeping between us on our bed a couple nights and even got a taste of our grilled cuisine on Friday night. (Don’t worry Heather— no begging was allowed; Ben cut up a little piece and put it in his bowl.) I feel terrible when we have to put him in his crate, but Ben and I had plans to ride the Schuylkill river trail to Phoenixville to do a drive by of a house we are going to check out on Tuesday. The bike trail goes right on the street and the river flows right behind the house. I am excited about the old character charm and kitchen, while Ben is ecstatic about the 2-bay car garage.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot! While Ben made his way to the city for the 2nd (i think) annual alumni softball game, I headed over to my cousin’s graduation party. We both sweated our asses off and both decided to cool off with a few cold ones. He enjoyed some brewskies with his frat bros and I enjoyed some margaritas and sweet tea vodka with Michelle and Coleen. We called it an early night since Ben had a race Sunday morning and I was actually going to cheer him on!

Along with Michelle and Sammie, we headed to the Great Valley Corporate business park. Of course, my tardiness made us miss the start of the race. Unfortuantely, Ben’s attack tactic didn’t get him first place, but I am proud of him anyways. In one year of mostly self training he has come a long way and I don’t worry as much when he pushes himself to all limits. And thankfully there were no crashes! I would have been a flailing lunatic running into the road! Sammie was a ham and soaked up every bit of attention he could get, so we stayed and watched the category 4 race too before heading out to grab some grub. The rest of Sunday was filled with food and napping. We said goodbye to our rent-a-dog when his rightful owners picked him up and ended our night with more food and picking tentative food options for the wedding.

Coming soon: wedding planning update…. don’t get too excited =)