My weekend updates seem to be drifting farther and farther from the actual weekend. Sorry about that! Yesterday we looked at five houses after work though, and I’m afraid none of them look promising. Tonight works better, so I’ll give you a brief re-cap of our weekend in Point Pleasant.

I titled this post Catch and Release because our weekend was focused heavily on catching up with old friends and releasing the work week tension over cheap beer and bought (more on that later) seafood.

The weekend started promptly at 5:00 Friday when I sprinted out of work, jumped in the car, and averaged 13.2 miles per gallon over to Michelle’s work.

My fuel economy only improved slightly over the next several hours as we were quickly deployed into the field of battle known as: The Invasion of New Jersey. My former state put up a good fight though and managed to distract us with erratic driving and jug-handles. We finally made it to Point Pleasant though, and after several slices of pizza we were off to a house party.

Whipped cream vodka?

We didn’t stay long though because Saturday was going to be a busy day. For the low price of $45 per person, you and your friends can re-live a whole season of Deadliest Catch in one BYOB afternoon.

You can also kill two birds with one stone as this coastline is where MTV’s Jersey Shore is filmed, bro.

Inspired by a $40 “biggest fish” pool, Michelle was eager to drop a line.

Then she got sea-sick and took a nap.

Meanwhile, the rest of our crew realized that maybe we were going to finish our two cases of beer.

Yours truly managed to be the most successful angler of the day and caught four fish. Sadly (or fortunately depending on your perspective) they were all too small and were returned like the sweater Grandma got you for Christmas.

“Get a good picture of my muscles for the blog!”

A quick stop at the seafood market fixed our fishing trip, and we returned home to cook the biggest freaking feast you could imagine.

We also celebrated Nags’s belated 25th birthday.

Caroline showed up later and treated us to random dirty phrases.

After a while though I noticed my fiancee had gone missing. I’m getting pretty good at knowing her hiding spots though.

Like a good fiance I then inflated the air mattress and treated my love to a night next to the boy who didn’t shower after a fishing trip. Sunday morning came way to soon, but we cleaned up and made our way to a local breakfast place famous for its potato pancakes. This place had over 200 omelets to choose from, and I eventually settled on the “belly buster”. I didn’t take a picture of it, but it pretty much resembled a previously consumed omelet after one’s belly busted.

After breakfast we made the long drive home, watered the garden, and collapsed. The good news is our squash is growing now! Luckily vegetables aren’t subject to catch and release sizing.