Wow it was hot this past weekend. An early Summer heat wave has hit us recently and even caused a freak tornado storm on Thursday afternoon. Power is still out at many of the offices surrounding mine, but lucky for you (and me?) we forge on towards the Champs-Élysées that is the close of Q2.

Speaking of France, the three week Tour de France (French for ‘Tour of France’) starts this Saturday. To celebrate, Michelle and I drove our cars everywhere.

The first stop was downtown Phoenixville for a Friday evening dinner al fresco. To our surprise, the sidewalks were lined with musicians each playing for the town. We walked around and eventually made a quick stop before eating.

Hipster Home is a really neat shop and features lots of fun/expensive design pieces. We settled on Molly MaGuire’s for dinner and I quickly ordered a Summer Ale.

Michelle eventually got her own beer and also ordered this thing called a boxty. It’s a like a wrap, but instead of using a flour tortilla they use a potato tortilla.

We walked around a little more, but headed home early since we’re old and boring.

Saturday was relatively unscheduled for us but far from uneventful. Michelle went in to work, and I did some climbing on the bike. I also got to enjoy some street hockey later in the morning with Brian. We had been trying to set something up for nearly a year now and finally found a court nearby and made it out there. Coincidentally, we arrived at the same time as a small group of guys and joined them for a pick-up game (my team won 6-5).

I also stopped by bicycle racing teammate Jamie’s to drop off the power washer. His next project car had a thick coating of volcanic mud that needed blasting. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to really wrench on a car so I’m getting excited to help out with this one.

Sunday came early at 5:30am, and shortly after Jamie and I were headed north to Allentown to race the Bob Rodale Fitness Park Criterium. In the car we devised a secret “Marco/Polo” plan for the race, and I’m happy to report it helped secure our best results of the year. (8th and 11th)

I normally stick around to watch the other races but instead had to leave promptly after the finish to make it home and pick up Michelle. We had tickets to the Phillies afternoon game and plans to tailgate with my family. Michelle is incredible at getting ready quickly, and we made to the parking lot in time for a beer and a burger.

Fresh tossed Bok Choy salad? Thanks Mom!

Normally our seats (second row from the top) would be undesirable, but on a 100 degree afternoon in June our shade and breeze gave us the best view in town.

Here’s the gang. I think my grandmother (Bo) is making fun of the drunk kids in front of us.

This juvenile got thrown out for buying a beer after being flagged by security. I think the nonplussed expression on the security officer reflects his response to the remaining fans chanting “Chug chug chug!” as they escorted him out.

It’s now Tuesday, and just like the roudy fan I’m feeling forcibly escorted out of the weekend for simply wanting just one more. Good thing I had a designated driver.