“Good weekend” I said to Michelle on our way home from dinner tonight. Topped off with chicken parmesan, she returned a single nod of agreement. That’s pretty good though for 8:30pm on a Sunday after a big dinner. In fact, I’m pretty proud of her tonight, and you get to read all about it!

It’s been fairly quiet for us lately. The Flyers’ post-season run provided evening rejuvenation after several soul sapping nine to fives. Unfortunately though it came to an end, and we were left on our own for the rest of last week. Thursday was my mom’s birthday, and it turns out she got last minute tickets to the hockey game. She’s always going on crazy adventures, and I hope she continues it when she grows up.

Feliz cumpleaños, Mamá!

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough though and greeted us with a beautiful morning. It’s just what you need to get your day started.

Then I sat and stared at this for a while.

Michelle promptly rescued me at 5pm to go hang out with our long lost neighbors, Brian and Coleen. Down the street from work is another area micro-brewery called McKenzie’s. They have a nice outdoor section in the back, but I feel like it’s just a regular happy-hour bar with a small brewery to sound cool. Never the less, we got right to enjoying a great Friday afternoon with great friends.

For those of you just tuning in, Brian and Coleen were our respective roommates in college and now live a couple doors down from us in Limerick.

Nearly every Saturday I wake up around 6am to get a long training ride in but decided to take this one off and get caught up on some sleep. I didn’t realize Michelle was planning an early morning photoshoot though.

Once I did finally wake up, our Saturday followed the typical schedule of house showings and pool time. We saw a neat little place in Phoenixville, but it needs a good bit of attention. It’s a single family house with a two car garage and perfect location though. Could this be our diamond in the rough?

I guess we’ll see.

So as a last minute thing we decided to ride in the French Creek Iron Tour this morning. Michelle and I rarely get the chance to ride together anymore so it was nice to have the roads to ourselves (and 1,000 other Freds) this morning.

So as I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty proud of her because she broke two records with this morning’s ride. First, she picked and completed the 35 mile route which is now her longest ride.

The second record took me a bit by surprise to be honest. Maybe about half way in this morning and after a long descent, she rolls up next to me with a big grin and says “I hit 37mph back there!”.

Finally, our 35 mile route took us through most of North Chester County and therefore through many rolling hills. If there’s one thing I know for sure she doesn’t like it’s climbing. Like a mountain goat though she powered through it like Cancellara and conquered every climb while others would abandon and walk.

“Venga venga venga!”

35 miles in the bag and done in time for lunch! And boy does that kid on the left need some lunch..

Celebrate? You bet your ass! Tonight we turned on the air conditioning!

Have a great week!