“I’ll make you dinner if you do our weekend blog.” -Ben


So, the weekend began about 1pm Friday afternoon. Ben jetted out of work where as I had a farewell lunch for a co-worker on the company tab. When I got home, I had the awesome idea to hit the batting cages and driving range for a good end of the work week release.

STRIKE…. or not, it felt great to swing as hard as I could. I would like to mention I did make contact with a few!

Ben hit some too, I just couldn’t snap a good strike pic.

Next we headed over to the driving range. Yes, that’s me in the distance, past the yellow ropes that you are not supposed to go beyond. I decided to bring my guns and my swing as hard as you can motto and accidentally slung shot my driver down the range. I was mortified, but Ben thought it was hilarious as I had to ask some gentlemen to stop their play. He just had to document it as I searched. Thanks….


Ben and I were invited to a BBQ at our college friend’s new humble abode with his new fiance. I wish we would have snapped a pic of their place, it was adorable and I am quite jealous. Oh yea, Ben picked us up some new Flyer’s gear too. Maybe they lost because I wasn’t wearing my new ‘broad street bullies’ shirt. I will try it tomorrow!

That’s Ben, our college friend aka JB aka Ben’s frat brother.

That’s his new fiance, Cait. She insisted we do shots of the captain “for her house!”

JB and Cait have 2 dogs. Yogi and Tootsie. Again, I am jealous.


Sunday morning was gorgeous, so I decided to go for a run and I actually got Ben to come with me. The run, however, was horrible! I about died after 1.5 miles. That’s what I get for taking a one month hiatus. After my heart rate reached 186 we decided to walk the rest of the way home then to the local restaurant for some brunch. I am so indecisive when it comes to even choosing a meal. Maybe that’s why we haven’t set a date for the wedding yet….


Our makeshift watering can ensures and even shower so we don’t drown them!

We nursed these buckets so much this weekend! We carried the buckets up and down from the balcony to make sure they got the best sun all day.

I made sure I got some sun too, but not without my SPF and my new hat!

That evening we had an agenda: some groceries, fill the propane tank, pit stop at my mom’s for some sides, (pasta salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, pickled eggs and beets, and fruit salad) then a party. The agenda was not followed and I quickly became cranky as my hunger overwhelmed me, the grocery store was closed, we couldn’t fill the propane tank, and the young man at the Home Depot’s pretzel cart said he was closed.

My AWESOME fiance stopped at this fair to find me food to cheer me up.

Dessert before our dinner! YUM!

Our party guest list: Me, Strawley, and Ben. We lucked out with our tailgating grill to cook dinner. And my mom’s salads became my main dish with a little side of chicken.


Ben and I decided to walk Bridge St. of Phoenixville. As we parked, I reminded him nothing would be open. He proved me wrong and got me that soft pretzel! Instead of a red, white, and blue color scheme, I chose a condiment motif for all the BBQ-ers remembering Memorial Day. I snagged Ben’s red sunglasses for ketchup, my white top as mayo, and my purse, earrings, and shorts were the mustard. And the mustard on my pretzel was spicy brown, of course!
We didn’t do much the rest of the day. Before game 2 of the Stanley cup finals, Ben took off to check out an addition for our bike collection.

I came home from work today and a test ride was a must! Bike count = 6.5

Stay tuned for engagement photos featuring our new member! She just needs a little work before shes ready for the real deal.