Life always seems so busy and there’s never enough time to get everything you plan accomplished, hence my 1 post (now 2) to Ben’s 7. Then again, I do require a ridiculous amount of sleep.

I will excuse myself in advance as this post will be very scatterbrained. But hey, its a post.

Wedding planning is underway. No, we haven’t picked a date yet or a season for that matter. For now, I am ecstatic when a sparkle (or five) from my left hand catches my eye and I melt back to April 3rd with thoughts of marrying my best friend.
We have our first venue appointment this Saturday at the Phoenixville Foundry. This place gave me the chills when I viewed the website. Our goal is to find a venue and set a date by the end of June. Ben thinks we can do it by the end of May…. My usual optimism isn’t so optimistic. Ben is very if you like it then get it, whereas I am very thorough and weigh every option and over contemplate every detail. I am particularly frugal, especially when it comes to spending a large amount of money and weddings now-a-days are ridiculously expensive. I was talking to co-workers about what is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a wedding since the sky is really the limit for budgets. One co-worker said only do the things you really can’t live without. My reply to that was the only thing I can’t live without would be Ben, so the justice of peace would be in order. But, if you know me at all, a chance to design a day of my dreams and let our personalities shine is rather hard to pass up. We have a vision for a sophisticated simple day, which fits us perfectly. However, we thrive on design and we have an eye for detail straight down the the presentation of food.

I have come across many inspiring real wedding photos. It can easily become overwhelming, especially when you have a pile of planning aids like this:

Next on that list is to find a house. Yet another overwhelming process. We are scheduled to see 4 houses tomorrow. Luckily we will have the help, guidance, and expertise of each of our parents.
My dad; the home inspector: Checks the structure. Puts into perspective projects and the cost of them. Honest, but leaves the decision up to us.
My mom; the realist: Makes sure its not too far from her house. The closer the better.
Ben’s dad; the comic relief: Furniture tester and giggle guru. Opinionated and helps tremendously.
Ben’s mom; the interior designer: Checks the layout and ensures its feng shui. Can envision a space totally redesigned.

Final check box on the list, find a new job. I am not totally serious about this one, but would leave my options open. I continuously joke with Ben about how as soon as we get married I would make a wonderful stay at home mom! I have today off and its been great so far. We have this companion until Sunday when Heather and Ryan get back from Vegas. He’s has gotten me up early, helped me clean, gotten me outside to enjoy the day, and is laying on my feet as I type. I may not want to give him back. I am sure we will have many more photos of him to post.

On the other hand, there are some things I would need to improve on before grabbing the title of housewife. One, get a greener thumb.

This weekend we are planning to make a bucket garden. This will be a challenge for all 10 of my fingers. I am hoping for the best.

Two, don’t let your husband eat this. I often come home from work and don’t feel like cooking let alone eating. This week that happened and Ben concocted this from the fridge: the nacho bowl.
– brown rice
– taco seasoned ground beef and chicken
– potatoes
– hot sauce
– nacho taco cheese
and the utensil being Tostito scoops.

Until the next time….