I wasn’t planning on it, but due to an early retirement from the Crush the Commonwealth Race (full story on the way) I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. She’s always been such a huge part of my life, and it’s great to spend time with her and my dad even if it’s just a late lunch. It’s even more of an event these days because if you know my mom then you’ll understand how she has quickly become our unofficial wedding planner.

Here’s where Michelle really comes in handy. She helped me pick out this arrangement and even switched out some of the flowers when the florist wasn’t looking.

On our way out we saw these cookies and had to grab the shoe one for my mom.

Here are my parents at lunch. We decided to head over to Atlantic City and grab some sushi at the pier looking out over the ocean. It was nice and sunny, but I was glad to have the giant glass windows blocking the wind gusts. I’m a jerk and didn’t notice, but the design on my mom’s shirt is actually a bicycle. Even on Mother’s Day she’s still thinking of me.

Happy Mother’s Day!